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Support Request: How to find the activity log for debug


Hi Support,

There are some of security rule reload or file browser reload when I try to open and browse the folders or change folders, the sitekiosk app will refresh or reload the windows to browse the new folders.
and also there are some of security block messages showing, how to disable the messages showing, and where is the activity logs I can troubleshot the

Thanks for your help,

Answer: (1)

Re: How to find the activity log for debug 2/26/2019 7:29 PM
When testing file browser make sure you are in Autostart mode. You can find the SiteKiosk log file in the SiteKiosk configuration editor under >Basic >Logfiles. You can also activate ht output window to see the log file on the screen while it is being written.

The Windows & Dialog rules are found in the SiteKiosk configuration editor under >Basic >Access/Security then click the Settings button next to "Block system critical windows & dialog boxes".