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Support Request: Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson


Hello Support.
I check the nodelog file and found there is an error there - "Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson"
Could you help me to fix it or guide me some links,

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Re: Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson 2/26/2019 7:31 PM
Is there a problematic behavior you are trying to troubleshoot? What is the problem that you see on the kiosk? What is the behavior of SiteKiosk that you want to see and what is currently doing? Under normal circumstances this message is nothing that needs to be taken care of and will not cause an issue.
Re: Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson 2/28/2019 3:32 PM
Thanks for the response,

I am just testing this app and need to deal with any of the errors. and would you hint me to hide this error from nodelog file or fix it. and I also have some of other issues on my tickets.

1. I don't know if the system security manager will addon/update the new settings to the app or will wipe all previous settings to default and save the new settings,

2. what the security rules and configuration file will be used if the sitekiosk app start from system administrator login not the sitekiosk restricted account, the sitekiosk app shows it does not runs on the restricted account if it start from regular local admin user after update the system security manager.

3. where is the time settings for the sitekiosk to go to screen sleep mode? and what the time settings for the sitekiosk app to refresh the windows. I try to upload a file from a local folder to web on a webpage. the file open windows only open for 15 seconds and then close, there is not enough time for us to browse the file.

4. I try to upload a file from a local folder to web on a webpage. the sitekiosk app will refresh itself and the file browser when I change the folders to look for the file to upload.

Would you help me some hint links for theses issues,

Re: Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson 2/28/2019 3:43 PM
Thanks support,
I moved this ticket to my licensed account,
Thanks for your help,
Re: Cannot find module ../build/Release/bson 2/28/2019 11:26 PM
1. Using protected/unprotected options will reset all. Use the Customize settings to change individual settings.

2. The System Security Manger only applies to the SiteKiosk Windows user account that is used for Autostart mode.

3. In the SiteKiosk configuration tool under >Basic >Maintenance.

4. Please provide the steps to replicate the issue.