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Support Request: Presales Tech Support


Salesperson can't answer presales questions:
1. If I update an underlying image with another program (e.g., an image is being updated with new data), will the slideshow reflect it automatically without user intervention?

2. When I installed the demo, it said something about locking out CTRL-ALT-DEL on reboot. It seems to imply I will lose control of my computer after reboot(so I uninstalled). Do I need a 'disposable' computer I can re-image to run the demo???????

Answer: (1)

Re: Presales Tech Support 3/8/2019 3:36 PM
For SiteCaster digital signage. everything is done through SiteRemote. You log in to SiteRemote from your web browser and update the image in your project then click the Publish button.

With the trail version, the SiteKiosk password protection is disabled. You can still set a password and test in Autostart if you want to but any password will allow you to exit. You will not need to dispose of your computer.