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Support Request: Disable Automatic Lockout after multiple reboots


When the Lobby Tracking PC needs to be manually rebooted / rebooted due to power outage / Windows updates, the SiteKiosk software locks out the system and requires manual intervention to re-setup the automatic start options.

I would appreciate your assistance disabling the automatic lockout so this can be a smooth process and maintain automatic start settings regardless of what happens to the PC. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Disable Automatic Lockout after multiple reboots 3/14/2019 7:37 PM
Can you describe what you mean by SiteKiosk locks out the system on reboot? The default behavior should be to log back in to the Windows user and start SiteKiosk again. Do you mean after any reboot, it just goes to the Windows login screen? Do you run SiteKiosk under the default Autostart option with the Windows SiteKiosk user account? Is there a ctrl+alt+del requirement before logging in to Windows on your system? Is there any error?
Re: Disable Automatic Lockout after multiple reboots 3/14/2019 7:42 PM
I am using the default AutoStart option.

When I had to manually shut the test machine down, it came back up with a page saying due to multiple shutdown attempts (I believe it was 5) the system has been locked and needs to be logged in with the master password to reset the startup option.

The thing is I only did one manual reboot, this was a one time incident but had me concerned because I will deploying this to 10 branches next week. Are you familiar with any emergency lockout if someone tampers with the machine? I haven't seen any setting for it.

Fred Wissell
Charter Oak Federal Credit Union
(860) 446-3225
Re: Disable Automatic Lockout after multiple reboots 3/14/2019 9:12 PM
There are two emergency modes you can be in. In the first scenario your configuration file cannot be loaded or, in the second scenario, the configuration can be loaded but SiteKiosk cannot properly start with it. In both cases use the master password to exit. This is not something that happens automatically after any reboot. This generally indicates SiteKiosk could not start properly for some reason. Sometimes another reboot will fix this. If it does not, you will need to close SiteKiosk to determine what is happening. The Windows Event log or SiteKiosk log might provide more clues. I recommend just logging in as admin opening the SiteKiosk configuration editor to see if there is an error and then testing your configuration in Start Once mode.
Re: Disable Automatic Lockout after multiple reboots 3/14/2019 9:28 PM
That points me in the right direction. I think it may have been due to a config issue I had at the time. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something that would occur normally. Thanks for your assistance, You can close the case.