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Support Request: Check config file settings


We are a power user of Provisio. I have a client who cannot get the program to open the custom URL on her kiosk. Sitekiosk seems to be loaded correctly and has current license. We entered the attached file into the config folder. She presses Autostart and it won’t load.

Would you please confirm that this config file has proper settings? Thank you!

SiteKiosk 9.7
Windows 10.

Thank you!

Answer: (1)

Re: Check config file settings 3/25/2019 9:16 PM
After looking at that config file, it seems you are using 9.6 and are using a skin that isn't fully supported by Sitekiosk. It also seems like that site uses flash so I would try to use the Chrome browser within Sitekiosk and then go to start page and browser > customize > settings and check the use flash box and download the 32 bit adobe flash player and install that. Once that is done, save and start Sitekiosk using the chrome browser and see if the site will load.