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Support Request: Logout button produces String Table Is Corrupt Error


HI there.

I have the logout button set so that a user can click on it to close their session when they are done. When they click the closeout button they receive the safe picutre and then it goes to aan error that states String Table is Corrupt. If I leave ti site opn this error page for a few minutes it then will start a new session. Can you please advise me how to correct this error. When the user logs out I would like a page that dispalys they ahve logged out like it normally would. This did work before on version 8 and today I upgraded to version 9.

Please advise.


Answer: (1)

Re: Logout button produces String Table Is Corrupt Error 4/2/2019 4:29 PM
You mentioned in your other post that you are running Windows 10. SiteKiosk 8 was not supported on Windows 10. It is possible the update from SiteKiosk 8 on that machine has caused an issue. You can try doing a full uninstall in the Windows control panel. Instead of choosing "uninstall", choose "Change" then the options "Remove" and "Automatically remove all created data". Then do a fresh install of SiteKiosk 9 and test with a default config to start.

You still have an option to activate a logout page in SiteKiosk however that is not a default option and is only available if you use the IE based browser.