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Support Request: Browsing is so slow


Just upgraded to version 9 of SiteKiosk.

Running Windows 10 on good hardware, or at least the same hardware with what SiteKiosk had in version 8.

Browsing seems incredibly slow. Using the latest Chrom browser.

Any suggestions,


Answer: (1)

Re: Browsing is so slow 3/29/2019 3:41 PM
In SiteKiosk 8 IE browser engine was the default engine which is generally faster on SiteKiosk startup. You can check using Metro IE skin in that case. As SiteKiosk is a secure browser generally any browser content can run slower than outside of SiteKiosk due to all the security features but usually it does not slow down the browser significantly. The performance depends largely on the performance of the Windows system and the underlying hardware and also of course on the network connection because SiteKiosk deletes the cache each time on logout or screen saver activation.