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Support Request: MS Office Doesn't Work


Dear Collegues,

I installed kiosk yesterday our i-mac all is well done but doesn't work MS office boxes. (i tagged black box)

Please can find attachment.

I added MS Office and Google Chrome in start button (left down button) MS office running but Google chrome doesn't work.

When click Chrome in the start buton, open the error pop-up. ( i tagged with blue box and arrow)

Answer: (1)

Re: MS Office Doesn't Work 4/4/2019 9:14 AM

When using SiteKiosk other browser applications are blocked by default (for security reasons).

But screenshot shows the IHG skin that has been a customization project for Holiday Inn that was accepted and approved by your organization for the SiteKiosk version that was current at the time.

Please understand that our free support does not cover custom skins.

Further questions regarding the installation and usage of that skin have to be directed to the person responsible for this project in your organization.
If you need the contact data of that person you may send us an e-mail (support-europe(at)

Michael Olbrich