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Support Request: Anonymous PDF not opening in browser


When accessing SSL SharePoint site using anonymous access, anonymous can get to the library page, just not open PDF without getting a login prompt. When accessing the same site outside the SiteKiosk software and from the same PC, anonymous can open with PDF in the browser without any login prompt.

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Re: Anonymous PDF not opening in browser 5/30/2019 4:05 PM
I should add that in SikeKisok also when using anonymous it tries to open the PDF in Adobe Reader. Outside of SiteKiosk when using anonymous the PDF opens in the browser as it should.
Re: Anonymous PDF not opening in browser 5/31/2019 3:52 PM
What are the exact steps to replicate this issue? what links do you click , pages you visit,etc.
Re: Anonymous PDF not opening in browser 5/31/2019 3:58 PM
Do you get the same behavior when using the Metro IE skin? I see you are using the Windows 7 IE8 skin currently. You can change that in the SiteKisok configuration editor under >Basic >Start Page & Browser >Customize >Browser Skin then select Metro IE skin.

In the most recent version of SiteKiosk, there is also a Chrome-based browser option. Which might give you better results. You can update your licenses for $89 per license.

You can also try the following. Open you cofniguraiton file in Notepad and search for

<filter enabled="true" player="pdf" content="application/pdf" action="2" />

then change it to

<filter enabled="false" player="pdf" content="application/pdf" action="2" />

save and test.