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Support Request: Sitecaster wont play MP4



Im trying to create a simple slideshow with MP4 video in Siteremote sitecaster. But after correct uploading of video in a simple sequence video just wont play. In preview mode its only displayed blank white slide. On windows machine with VLC video plays just fine. What are exact supported specifications of MP4 files. Specs of ours mp4 in attachment.

Thank you

Answer: (1)

Re: Sitecaster wont play MP4 7/11/2019 10:25 AM

As far as I can see your MP4 uses h265. But you need to use h264 codec if you want to play that video with SiteCaster.

If you are not familiar with codec formats and video settings you may use any video converter tool (like e.g. the open source tool Handbrake to convert the video into the appropriate video format.

Michael Olbrich