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Support Request: Virtual Keyboard does not include "Fn" key or Function keys


Under SiteKiosk Configuration->Basic->Password->Exit SiteKiosk I've configured the custom key configuration "CTRL+ALT+F8" to exit and under Plus->On-Screen Keyboard I've turned it on "Enable On-Screen Keyboard"; however none of the keyboards have the "Fn" key required to show the row of function keys. You've also disabled Microsoft's On-Screen Keyboard, which does have the Function keys. Our system only has a touchscreen and therefore we cannot exit the SiteKiosk application.

How to we enable your keyboards to show the "Fn" key or do you have a keyboard that shows the Function keys. Other applications we have need the Function keys, the example of the basic configuration above is only and example of your application needing a Function key sequence.

Answer: (1)

Re: Virtual Keyboard does not include "Fn" key or Function keys 8/21/2019 3:19 PM
We do not have onscreen keyboards with function keys as they are not requested often. You can freely choose the key combination to close SiteKiosk to match it to what you have available.

It is possible to either edit an existing onscreen keyboard or create a new one (see or you can also send your paid customization request to sales-america(at)

SiteKiosk does not specifically block the Windows onscreen keyboard but we also have no support to explicitly open it.