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Support Request: siteremote and LDAP


we upgraded to sitremote We enabled LDAP authentication, using "Sam-Account-Name", and we checked the box to only allow LDAP authentication. I can't seem to register or unregister clients with any credentials. I made sure the user names and password i'm using have the administrator role for that team. I tried using my own account and the team admin account (as setup in the team LDAP settings). I've tried the sure user name eg. sisrdb, full username eg. sisrdb(at)

I just keep getting the Login incorrect. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Re: siteremote and LDAP 9/4/2019 5:46 PM

there is a segment missing in the LDAP documentation. We will add this as soon as possible.

Because you can assign the same LDAP users to different teams the mapped internal SiteRemote user name has the team name attached to it, to allow the client to register to the right team. You need to use this name when registering a client. You can see that name if you login to your team and go to the users page. It should look like this: username+teamname (e.g. miller+millersteam). So you would have to use the combination username+teamname and the LDAP password of the corresponding LDAP user.
Re: siteremote and LDAP 9/4/2019 8:29 PM
Thank you so much, worked like a charm!! This can be closed.
Re: siteremote and LDAP 9/5/2019 9:10 AM
Thanks for the feedback.