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Support Request: Chrome autologin


Cannot get the Chrome engine to autologin into a simple HTML(aspx) page

any help will be greatly appreciated

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Re: Chrome autologin 9/9/2019 5:53 PM

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. You could take a look at this Dev Blog post to see if it would allow you to accomplish your goal with the SiteKiosk Object Model.

Best regards.
Re: Chrome autologin 9/9/2019 7:10 PM

we cannot use the IE Browser and its associate skins, this implementation works! in IE, but our customers use chrome and our codebase is based on the Chrome engine

we followed the link

but this does NOT work in chrome (please see included file)

please Advise

Re: Chrome autologin 9/9/2019 7:45 PM

Sorry to hear that you are still having difficulties. You can try these articles to see if they might help. I would focus on the first one. The second may no longer be necessary.

The following Dev Blog articles explain how to edit the DOM with Chrome. In general, the Dev Blog information comes as-is and without further support.

Manipulating the DOM within the SiteKiosk Windows Chrome Browser

Using the Classic SiteKiosk Object Model in SiteKiosk Windows Chrome Browser

Best Regards.
Re: Chrome autologin 9/10/2019 3:25 PM

In addition to the previous post, you can have a look at this Dev Blog article. This solution can also be used with Chrome Browser Skin:

Best regards.