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Support Request: Unable to login to gmail accounts when behind sitekiosk


Ive called twice and was told I would have an email, or call back and have received none.

Answer: (1)

Re: Unable to login to gmail accounts when behind sitekiosk 9/11/2019 3:29 PM

Sorry to hear that you did not receive the assistance you were promised. Please see links regarding to best ways to reach us.

America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand or the Middle East -

Europe, Africa, or the Russian Commonwealth -

We also looked back at our records. We sent an email after a phone conversation. We attempted to contact you by phone a few times after that but were not able to get through. We also sent you an email that same day as a follow-up. It seemed like that did not get through to you either. Can you confirm the best phone number and time to reach you in an email to sales-us(at)

Regarding the access issue you were having, that unfortunately could not be replicated. You could try to review these settings:

1.Review the "URLs/Path" list and "Access to other web addresses" in SiteKiosk Configuration--->Surfing Area. See .

2.Review the option "Add "SiteKiosk" to user agent header” at “Configuration-->Start Page & Browser-->Advanced--> Settings”. Deactivate it if active and test.

3. Review the log files found in Configuration-->Logfiles or C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles.

4. If the issue persist, please send a copy of your config file *.skcfg and log file *.txt to ab(at) for additional review.

Best regards.