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Support Request: RunDll on sitekiosk 9.7


I have installed the software and drivers for my scanner Canon DRC225 on a windows 10 PC. But I am getting the RunDLL error "there was a problem starting DRC225SVC.dll.." , file attached in sitekiosk AutoStart. I do not have this error when logged in as administrator.
I do not have this issue with my other PC running sitekiosk version 8.91 and Windows 7.
I do have this error with Sitekiosk 9.7 on windows 10 in AutoStart mode. I did not get the error in Start Once mode.
Please advise.

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Re: RunDll on sitekiosk 9.7 9/11/2019 6:53 PM

Thank you for sending your inquiry. SiteKiosk runs under a different Windows user account for autostart mode. You can try logging in as the SiteKiosk Windows user and installing the driver under that user. If that does not resolve the issue at Windows boot up in Autostart, you should remove the Canon utility that uses that DLL from the list of start up items in the Task Manager.

Here are the steps to log in as the SiteKiosk Windows user manually:

Best regards.
Re: RunDll on sitekiosk 9.7 9/11/2019 10:22 PM
I have removed the drivers and software, re-installed both under the sitekiosk restricted account, disabled the program under msconfig32\startup but I was still getting the rundll error on AutoStart. I deleted the entry in the registry and i'm no longer getting the error. And I am able to scan OK.
I'm all set here.