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Support Request: PC lock out at boot


Hello Support:
I have built two PC using siteKiosk. Upon boot, the machine does not boot up the pc does not auto log into site kiosk. It remains in the log on page. Control alt delete does not work. the configure alternate key to break sequence does not work. the emergency break sequence does not work. How do I revert back. .

Answer: (1)

Re: PC lock out at boot 9/23/2019 3:45 PM

Thank you for submitting you inquiry. Just to be clear, had you tried to use the emergency keyboard release combinations below?

The default combinations are:

Key combination 1
Ctrl left + Shift right + Backspace

Key combination 2
Alt left + Shift right + Del

You will have to press the keys of each combination simultaneously.

You can review our FAQ page related to no access to SiteKiosk:

Worst case scenario: Reinstall Windows and start again. This time, if you are in a Restricted (Active Directory or Domain Logons) environment, it is best to auto-start with the Local Account or do not Disable the Keyboard when customizing auto-start settings.

Hopefully this helps.
Best Regards.