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Support Request: SiteKiosk hangs


Good day

We're having issues with stability the SiteKiosk application on two iDisplay tablets (Android version 4.4.4 & 5.1.1).

when setting up the devices I had an issue, where the tablet would be stuck in a boot-loop up to 24 hours, until SiteKiosk would load. That happened on every restart until I disabled the lockscreen from SiteKiosk settings.

After that it seemed to work just fine.
We're pointing to a website which needs login-credentials. When entering the credentials the site opens and can be used without any issues.

Now recently, the tablets have started freezing on a white screen.

Is there something I'm missing? I already followed the instructions to disable the Android-specific settings (S-Voice, Multi-Screen, etc.).

Kind regards

Answer: (1)

Re: SiteKiosk hangs 9/24/2019 4:18 PM

As SiteKiosk is equipped with a software watchdog that restarts SiteKiosk if it doesn’t report back to the watchdog after certain (adjustable) intervals (default 30 seconds) there must be any system or hardware problem if there is a freeze.

If you still can exit SiteKiosk or access the configuration when the white screen is displayed I strongly assume a problem with the web page code or the login that is required.
Note that SiteKiosk Android doesn’t store any logins and also deletes all cookies, temporary Internet files etc. at Logout and/or screen saver activation (SiteKiosk Android configuration-->Security-->Logout and -->Screensaver-->Define actions-->Logout).

You may first check if it also happens when using another web page (that doesn’t require any login) as start page

Here is the information about the required Android permissions for SiteKiosk Android:
As well as preparing Android for use with SiteKiosk (point 5):

Otherwise, you might want to check the SiteKiosk log (...\SiteKiosk\Logs) if SiteKiosk Android blocks something. This can be triggered, for example, by the (re)launch of another Android app that is not allowed by SiteKiosk.
However, SiteKiosk cannot determine in its own log which other Android app it is, since apps under Android run in sandbox mode.
Only a look at the Android ADB Log would help in that case. Here is a description (found with Google):

General information about Android:
On Android devices, performance and stability depend heavily on the Android operating system installed on the device by the manufacturer.
Many manufacturers make individual changes to the Android operating system and these changes can have a significant impact on performance and stability.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android are usually obtained with tablet devices, where manufacturers make few changes to the original Google Android system.

Michael Olbrich