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Support Request: CPU working at 90% alert


Good, afternoon,

I have been receving alerts of one of my Kiosk working at 90% but SiteKiosk works in only 35%/40% of CPU, is there a way that I can check what other proceses are working that consumes my CPU?

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Re: CPU working at 90% alert 9/26/2019 3:14 PM
Good morning,

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. There is a way but it will require a process of elimination along with releasing some security restrictions.

First: You can check your log files in SiteRemote>Monitoring>Logfiles or in the SiteKiosk>Logfiles (in configuration or actual folder) based on alert times and compare activities.

Second: You can check the processes in the task manager. You will need to allow the usage of the task manager with SiteKiosk first.

Note: To access the task manager for checking processes, you can deactivate the options "Block system critical key combinations" and "Block system critical windows & dialog boxes" at "Access/Security" and then start SiteKiosk in "Start once" mode and access the task manager via key combination CTRL+ALT+DEL. In addition, for checking in "Auto Start" mode, you will need to allow the taskmgr.exe by changing the settings in the System-Security-Manager (-->Customized-->Programs). When you are finished checking, please remember to reactivate your security features.

Best regards.
Re: CPU working at 90% alert 10/2/2019 4:17 PM
Good afternoon,

I did the changes and revision, I found that there is a SiteKiosk.CefApp (32 Bits)(3) that is using the CPU from 35% to 45% of CPU usage. I checked the other processes and I found other SiteKiosk.CefApp (32 Bits) working and using 3.5% of CPU. Is there something I can change to lower the CPU usage?
Re: CPU working at 90% alert 10/2/2019 4:36 PM

Thank you for following up with your findings. The file “SiteKiosk.CefApp.exe” is part of SiteKiosk (Chrome Browser skin). It would not be a good thing to stop using that program. However, system performance relies heavily on the hardware specification of the machine used. This will widely vary due to the websites visited and applications they are running. You can review your specifications to see if any improvements could be made there.

Best regards.