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Support Request: Regarding testing input devices



We have a single barcode scanner and QA tests won't work outside the SiteKiosk environment. I'm trying to understand how we can run tests for our scanner connected to the kiosk in our staging and production environments.


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Re: Regarding testing input devices 9/27/2019 8:19 PM

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. I would like to clarify that your scanner does not work outside of SiteKiosk and you want to test it in an enclosed environment. Is that correct?

Regarding to Printers and Scanners, you will not need to list it as an input device. Simply install the driver and its associated software package. You may need to release restrictions on the SiteKiosk account through the System Security Manager. This will allow you to install it there, if the changes were not made with the Admin account. Afterwards, you can add the support software in the Application List in SiteKiosk configuration. Please see link with more instructions for working with the SiteKiosk user account.


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