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Support Request: Update Startpage


Hi there. We have had some turnover on our team that supports this product. The SME who managed it no longer works here. We need to make an update to the startpage for one of our kiosk machines. Unfortunately the SME did not leave any instructions on how to do this. Can you please guide us through the process? Thanks!

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Re: Update Startpage 10/2/2019 8:43 PM

Sorry to hear what happened to your team. We are here to assist if you have any concerns.

I have included links to Start Screen start page tutorial videos below. As an alternative to the Start Screen start page, you could use the browser and show your web page as the start page and add custom button links to the browser toolbar. To do that, select the browser as your start page and click the green customize button.

In the SiteKiosk Configuration, you can click the small blue question mark icons and it will direct you to the related Help files within your installation.

Best regards.