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Support Request: Outlook 2013 Will not open


Added outlook to the Applications area, then added to site kiosk. No matter what I do all I get is "For security reasons this action is not allowed." Followed by a windows dialog "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook Window. the set of folders cannot be opened." I need to get this resolved before I can present it to my boss. Thanks!!

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Re: Outlook 2013 Will not open 10/2/2019 9:05 PM

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. Unfortunately, Outlook is a blocked program by default. If you would like to create a more individualized experience, it is better to create a web link to where the user would enter their online or corporate account to access emails that way.

Best regards.
Re: Outlook 2013 Will not open 10/2/2019 9:12 PM
Seems a bit odd that you can't just select not to block it somewhere in the configuration. I will see what I can do using OWA
Re: Outlook 2013 Will not open 10/2/2019 9:22 PM
You could use change the Window Dialog settings to allow Outlook but the it may not work the right way under the Restricted User account. OWA would be a very much easier choice. You could test Outlook by making these changes. Keep in mind that Auto Start and Start Once are two different environments.

To make the changes, go to SiteKiosk configuration, Under Access/Security>>Security Settings>>Block critical window and dialog boxes>>Settings, you can edit the rule that would block your program from opening a window. See link :

Best regards.