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Support Request: Regarding `Accept-Language` header in network requests



I have an issue with the 'Accept-Language' header in network requests made from SiteKiosk. It appears that when I pass Italian (it) as the value for this header, this is not included in the request and the network response handles this as the default language.

Based on this thread -, I tried modifying the SiteeKiosk config file to allow 'it', but it doesn't seem to handle it.

Looking forward to your response,
Thank you.

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Re: Regarding `Accept-Language` header in network requests 10/8/2019 1:30 PM

Generally SiteKiosk will set the browser language to the language that is configured as default language at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Languages.
Web sites that look for the browser language for their settings will then act accordingly, you can test that with or

Only for web pages that do not query the preferred language setting but the browser UI language you need to add that setting to the SKCFG.

As you mention you use the 'Accept-Language' header configuring the corresponding default language in the SiteKiosk configuration (-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Languages) should be enough.
But the problem is that Italian is not available with Chrome Browser skin (If the “Default user language” doesn’t match any of the available languages SiteKiosk will set the language to English).

You can switch to the Metro IE skin and then configure Italian language in the Internet Explorer on the system.
If you are using the restricted SiteKiosk user to run SiteKiosk (Auto Start Mode) please look here for information on how to change user dependent Windows settings:

Michael Olbrich