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Support Request: Logout does not always clear out the Documents


The logout feature on our kiosk (windows 7 x32 with sitekiosk 9.7.5026, IE Start screen skin) does not always work. System is setup to save PDF files in the C:\Users\Sitekiosk\Documents folder. We have included C:\Users\Sitekiosk\Documents, C:\Users\Sitekiosk\Desktop, C:\Users\Sitekiosk\Downloads, C:\Users\Sitekiosk\appdata\local\temp.
After the logout there are still cached files left in the Folder manager, and that prevent the next user to save documents to the folder. Rebooting the kiosk clears out the files.The logout does not always clear out the files.

Can you please assist with clearing out the folders when the users end their session?

Also, what is the process on upgrading the Sitekiosk sofware, we are one version behind i believe.


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Re: Logout does not always clear out the Documents 11/8/2019 5:24 PM

Thank you for posting your inquiry. The default folder for Downloads is C:\Users\Public\Documents\SiteKiosk. Based on your description, all files (Downloaded ones) in that folder should be deleted. Your temporary internet files are stored elsewhere. With IE based skins (e.g. Metro IE) you need to enable the additional option "Delete Internet Explorer DOM storage (requires SiteKiosk restart)" at "Logout" in the SiteKiosk configuration to delete the HTML5 storage. Note: This option is available since SiteKiosk 9.7. Please give it a try and let us know if it did not work for you.

Regarding to updates, you can update for free if you purchased your license within 12 month before release date. If you don't know your purchase date, please email our sales team with your license name found in your Configurations Editor or email sent. Otherwise, you can always purchase from our online store.

Best regards,
Re: Logout does not always clear out the Documents 11/8/2019 10:04 PM
Thank you!
Making those changes have helped.

One more question: we have 100+ kiosks still running sitekiosk 8 and will be upgrading them to sitekiosk 9. Is there a way to upgrade the sitekiosk software remotely?
I tried manually updating through the VNC client, it is very slow and time consuming since i have 100+ machines.
Please advise.

Re: Logout does not always clear out the Documents 11/8/2019 10:33 PM

Good to hear everything worked out. Thank you for updating your SiteKiosk.

[Updated by Administrator]
The common way to update SiteKiosk is to download and install the new version locally on each machine. Usually it is not supported to update SiteKiosk remotely as there is a high risk that you can’t connect to the machine anymore if something fails.
But if you want to take that risk you can use a script. To receive an example script and further information please contact our support via e-mail:

Best regards,