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Support Request: Site Kiosk not remembering a websites password


I am using the Chrome browser in Sitekiosk to get to a website. First I disabled the feature that clears cookies/history in site kiosk. I tried to mimic the scripts that are posted on the forum for this issue, but none of the scrips are working. I tried to crate a batch file that would put the cashed credentials in Chrome when Sitekiosk launches, but the site still won't remember the user id/password. The website does not work through Internet Explorer, and they removed the desktop application so the only way to access the site is through Chrome. Is there a way to force Sitekiosk to remember credentials?

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Re: Site Kiosk not remembering a websites password 11/13/2019 8:06 PM

Sorry to hear that the other solutions did not work with your website. There are no SiteKiosk features to remember website passwords. The instructions provided in our Dev Blog posts are considered as-is and any further support is outside the scope for our standard technical support. . On the other hand, if you are working with an internal/intranet site that uses single sign on (SSO), you can run SiteKiosk in Auto Start with a domain account of your choice. Further instructions below:

1. Configure SiteKiosk and save your configuration file and exit SiteKiosk.
2. Select "Start SiteKiosk" from your Windows programs menu.
3. Select "Customized" then click OK.
4. Select the radio button labeled "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup" and choose "Autostart with shell replacement" from the dropdown.
5. Uncheck the box labeled "Settings only apply to the restricted user account".
6. Check the box labeled "Log on automatically at system startup".
7. Then click Settings on same line.
8. Enter the domain and credentials of the other account to be used.
9. Click OK then click Yes when prompted to reboot. After rebooting, you should see the Windows logon screen then after logging into a user SiteKiosk will start.

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