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Support Request: IE Based Skin out of support browser


Hi SiteKiosk Support,

We have a Public Access system built using the SiteKiosk IE Based Skin.
This allows members of the public to use a USB Key for printing and downloading from Cloud File Shares, as well as browse the web.

However the IE Based Skin is now unsupported by certain websites as it seems you can no longer log into Secure Pages like PayPal.
This is used to load funds for printing etc.

We cannot use the Chromium CEF browser engine start screen as it does not support file browsing, and this is required to navigate to files on a USB to print from Word.

Trying to unlock Chrome Browser as an application in the IE Based Skin hasn't been successful, but also seems to be inadvisable due to security concerns, can you please advise what these are?
Is there an alternate browser we can utilise with the IE Based Skin that is more up to date with support?

Thank you.

Answer: (1)

Re: IE Based Skin out of support browser 11/26/2019 3:41 PM

If your website works well with Chromium CEF, then all you will need to do is to use the File Manager Widget with Start Screen. Doing this will allow your users to browse files in your Downloads folder outside of the browser environment. This restriction is best enforced with the Restricted User Account. Please see our Dev Blog post on the necessary steps. Articles published in our Dev Blog posts are considered as-is and without further support.

Please let me know if this did not work.

Best regards.