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Support Request: Unable to enter Kiosk Mode


Good Morning,

I've recently updated our Kiosk PC's to the latest version on 2 x separate PC's. I've done installed over the old installation on one, and done a clean uninstall and re-install of the new software on another. I've used the old working config file for both and am receiving the same problem for both.

When I go to start Sitekiosk, I get a white screen with the vault logo and then the system hangs. Once it becomes responsive we receive an error advising that - SiteKiosk failed to load 10 times at 300 seconds a time.

Please can you advise if there are any log files I can find to show where the problem lies or any advice on how to resolve this issue?



Answer: (1)

Re: Unable to enter Kiosk Mode 12/3/2019 11:14 AM

The so-called emergency screen loads if SiteKiosk was restarted by the software watchdog (or for any other reason) 10 times in 1200 seconds.
Also see “3. Monitoring”:

To leave the emergency mode you can use the logoff button on screen (or press ESC) and enter the general password (or even the password you configured last when using the unlicensed version).
You will find your general password, for example, on your SiteKiosk invoice or in the e-mail that was sent to you and contains your registration information.
Your general password is composed of the first eleven letters/numbers (including the dash) of your registration code. This will ensure that the general password will only work with your version of SiteKiosk.
If you are using a touch screen and have not activated the on-screen keyboard in the SiteKiosk configuration, you can alternatively activate an on-screen keyboard in the Exit dialog (bottom left icon).

Otherwise please see this FAQ:

When having access again, you should login as administrator and check the system / SiteKiosk configuration.
In case you use any standby / wake settings I would strongly recommend to check that Fast Boot (Windows 8) or Fast Startup (Windows 10) is disabled at the client machine.
See “Note” at “1. System/screen settings”:

Else the emergency screen may has been caused by a slower performance of the machine and the system is very busy during startup?
To verify this you need to check the log files (…\SiteKiosk\Logfiles) when having access to the system again.
You also can try setting the crash detection values in the SiteKiosk Configuration higher (e.g. from 30 to 90 seconds).
To do this open the SiteKiosk configuration tool and go to -->Maintenance-->Monitoring-->Settings. Please try this solution first.

If that doesn’t help you may also check if it happens in “Run once” mode or when configuring the Metro IE Skin instead if the Chrome Browser skin.

Michael Olbrich