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Support Request: Error Installing SiteKiosk on Windows10


Kiosk software was giving me an invalid password error about halfway through the installation.
Can I schedule a call with a support rep this coming Friday? 9 am EST?

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Re: Error Installing SiteKiosk on Windows10 12/4/2019 7:41 PM

Thank you for submitting you inquiry. You are receiving this error due to your enterprise domain strong password policies. Simply open Command Line with Run as administrator and run the following command:

sitekiosk.exe /v"DEFAULTPASSWD=12mypasswd"

You will need to specify the right path and file name but parameters the same. You will need to choose the password strength of your organization's password policy rules. You can read more from Section 3 - Silent Installation of our help file:

Also you can make an official request by email for a call from support at: support-america(at)

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