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Support Request: Access to Gmail


When attempting to log into their GMail account, users are shown a message from the Google site - "Couldn't sign you in. This Browser may not be secure. Try using a different browser."

Site Kiosk is set to use Chrome. All other browser settings are default.

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Re: Access to Gmail 12/16/2019 2:22 PM

The problem was reproducible and also in the underlying Chromium CEF Browser comes the same message after logging into a Gmail account.
Maybe it is because “…Google might stop sign-ins from browsers that:

- Are embedded in a different application.”

I forwarded it to our developers for further investigation and get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Access to Gmail 12/17/2019 9:35 AM

Our developers have checked it and apparently Google has excluded all Chromium CEF browsers from GMail login. Since IE is also excluded, no IE-based skin can be used in SiteKiosk.

However, the current workaround with SiteKiosk would be to send a user agent from a browser supported by GMail.
I e.g. tested this with the User Agent of the current Firefox browser and it worked.
Here is the User Agent you can use:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:71.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/71.0

Here's the information on how to add it to SiteKiosk:

If you want to check the user agent that is used in the browser you can use this page:

Michael Olbrich