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Support Request: Windows login



We have installed our SiteKiosk software and it seems to be working. The only problem we have is that when windows install updates and restarts (in other words, when restart is not made from SiteKiosk software) it does not automatically logs in. That is not really a problem because we can just login to the sitekiosk windows account with the password but in this case the keyboard is not possible to use. If i connect to the machine over teamviewer and login from there, then when sitekiosk starts the keyboard is working again.
Is there a setting to enable keyboard on startup?

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Re: Windows login 1/9/2020 9:12 AM

usually you just need to activate the “Auto Start” mode to make sure that the SiteKiosk user logs in and SiteKiosk starts automatically after system startup (no matter how the system was shut down or even after a power failure).

In regards to your description it seems that the password for the Windows user you use for the auto login was changed after you enabled the auto start mode (the default password of the SiteKiosk user is provisio) or that there is any domain policy set that causes this behavior (e.g. force password change after a time span).
Please check.

Otherwise you may just login to a Windows user account having local admin rights, start SiteKiosk and enable auto start again in the quick start dialog.
Further information about the starting modes:

Further information about the SiteKiosk user account:

Michael Olbrich