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Support Request: Android - Playing HTML games


We are using sitekiosk android with SiteCaster, and we whant one icon to re-direct to an online game site, like the one you have pre-defined ""
However, no game is working, the screen just turns black. Is there a way to allow the client to use this games (or others, if there is a list of online game sites)? We have tried several other sites:
and none is working.

I send you the Sitekiosk Configuration.
Thank you

Answer: (3)

Re: Android - Playing HTML games 1/16/2020 5:33 PM

what Android version is installed on the device and what happens in Chrome browser on the same device with those pages?
Re: Android - Playing HTML games 1/16/2020 5:55 PM
Android version: 9

Outside sitekiosk, all the sites run perfect, we can play all games.
While in Sitekiosk app, the site opens, buf if we choose a game and press play the screen becomes black and nothing happens. We can either close the window or go back to the home page. It does not freeze.
Re: Android - Playing HTML games 1/17/2020 10:50 AM

Even though SiteKiosk is not supported on Android 9 (see: I was able to reproduce it.
On my test device with Android 8, a black website (with music in the background) is displayed in the SiteCaster PopUp after the game has started (e.g. Zoo Boom on

As far as I can see it seems to be a problem that affects SiteCaster on Android.
When using the SiteKiosk browser (Application-->Browser) it worked.
It also worked in SiteCaster when using the same SiteCaster project on SiteKiosk Windows.

I forwarded this to our developers to check it for the next SiteKiosk Android version.

Michael Olbrich