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Support Request: White screen - sporadic


Hi - we have a machine where we sporadic get a white screen during a specific function, even though we updated both Windows and SiteKiosk to the latest versions.

Can you help in any way?

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Re: White screen - sporadic 1/20/2020 9:16 AM

>>>we sporadic get a white screen during a specific function<<<
What function do you refer to?
Is it a function in a specific web page?
What information is given in the SiteKiosk log?
Which browser skin did you choose?
What happens when using that function in other browsers (Chrome, IE11)?
Is there a difference in SiteKiosk between “Start once” (in the user account where you test it outside of SiteKiosk) and “Auto Start”?

Maybe just the location (/kiosk/rental/check_out/signature/new) is not available (at that time)?
If you want to debug a web page in SK with Chrome browser skin please see here:

Michael Olbrich
Re: White screen - sporadic 1/26/2020 1:43 PM
Thanks - we tried to test without SiteKiosk, and since it also happened sporadic here we need to look in our own application to find the reason.

Consider this request closed.
Re: White screen - sporadic 1/27/2020 8:40 AM
Thank you for your feedback.