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Support Request: Screen saver doesn't work



In our Site kiosk we have a video playing in bedded into a HTML file. Please see attached file Booran.MP4 and loopvideo.html for reference. The config files are in the attached folder as well, we are using example.skcfg
(I was unable to Submit this ticket with having the zipped folder attached please find attached here and download form this link

In short on the Start Page & Browser option we have it referencing the loopvideo.html file so that, when site kiosk is running it just plays the video indefinitely on repeat. What we want is so that when there is inactivity for 10 minutes the screen goes black. We then have physical signage for people to touch the screen, this will then have the screen go from black to the video.

When I go into the Screensaver settings I select Blank and 10 seconds for idol time to test. activation method is set to mouse and Keyboard. Every time the screen saver would start I get the Site Kiosk logo on a white screen and then the video starts again.

Can you advise what I am doing wrong? I am running it on a windows 7 machine for testing and tried using power settings there to assist as well. This will be implemented on a windows 10 machine. Or is this not compatible with the html video we are referencing etc?

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Re: Screen saver doesn't work 1/22/2020 9:51 AM

The "Blank" screensaver you have chosen is a Windows screensaver and unfortunately the Windows screensavers do not run reliably with the chromium based skins (which includes the Start Screen).
Therefore, I would recommend selecting the SiteKiosk Player instead (-->Screensaver) and choosing a black image (e.g. jpg) in its settings (image file saved in "...\SiteKiosk\Html")

Michael Olbrich

P.S. I guess ZIP was rejected because of the size (331MB)