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Support Request: Allow SK access to MS Silverlight


My users are using an online efiling system that requires Microsoft Silverlight. Adding as an app in files & downloads doesn't work. The program doesn't appear in System Security Manager and can't be enabled there. We are using the IE SK browser and cannot use Chrome as we need to allow USB's/DVD's. How do I make Silverlight compatible with SK?

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Re: Allow SK access to MS Silverlight 1/30/2020 3:46 PM
Silverlight works in SiteKiosk when choosing an IE based skin (e.g. Metro IE) in general. Is there a difference between Start Once and Autostart mode?

First, make sure that it works in Internet Explorer outside of SiteKiosk (without having to confirm any security or setup dialogs) while logged in as the Windows user that is used for Autostart mode.
In "Auto Start" mode it is the SiteKiosk user account by default.

Here is the information about how getting access to check it in IE in the SiteKiosk user account:

Additional notes:
Silverlight currently only works in Internet Explorer 11 (and IE Webbrowser Control):

Silverlight(5) has an end of life in 2021: