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Support Request: White Cross on Screen



We have recently purchased 50 Sitekiosk Android licenses for use on a kiosk program that we are rolling out. We have a text tablet (Samsung Tab A 10.1) which we have loaded and activated with Sitekiosk. We are going through testing and periodically we get a white circle with a cross through the center appearing onscreen. I have been searching the manual and can't find why this would be appearing. Can you tell me what the cross symbol means and why it is appearing?

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Re: White Cross on Screen 2/3/2020 3:41 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The “No entry” sign will be displayed if something is blocked by SiteKiosk. This can be triggered by Surfing Area or Content Filter restrictions you setup in SiteKiosk but also for example, by the (re)launch of any other Android app that is not allowed by SiteKiosk.

You could have a look at the SiteKiosk log (...\SiteKiosk\Logs) to check if it applies to any Surfing Area or Content Filter settings. Additionally, you should check the Android apps and Android settings on the device to find out if there is any other App running automatically / in the background.
e.g. something like this:

Here is the information about the required Android permissions for SiteKiosk Android:
As well as preparing Android for use with SiteKiosk (point 5):

If the block sign is caused by another Android App running after SiteKiosk is started, SiteKiosk cannot determine in its own log which other Android app is blocked, since apps under Android run in sandbox mode. Only a look at the Android ADB Log would help in that case. Here is a description (found with Google):

General information about Android:
On Android devices, performance and stability depend heavily on the Android operating system installed on the device by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers make individual changes to the Android operating system and these changes can have a significant impact on performance and stability. The best test results with SiteKiosk Android are usually obtained with tablet devices, where the manufacturers make fewer changes to the original Google Android system.

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Re: White Cross on Screen 2/7/2020 5:27 PM
This is great info! Thank you very much