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Support Request: Cannont Install


please see attached image

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Re: Cannont Install 3/5/2020 4:57 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Are you trying to upgrade due to the Windows Update issue? Or is this a fresh install?


1. (Update due to the Windows 10 Update) Cancel Auto Start from registry. (An email will be sent.) Try the update again.

2. (New install) As the (general installer) error is about the patcher application that will be executed during the installation: A possible virus scanner might find the patcher application suspicious because it accesses the registry and makes changes to the rights of the SiteKiosk user. Therefore you should check this with your virus scanner first.

Then, check out this tool from Microsoft that may help with fixing any issues related to installation errors:

Best regards,
Re: Cannont Install 3/5/2020 5:03 PM
I am trying to use the installer fix, what is the product code?