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Support Request: Unable to VNC outside network


Have been having this issue sense we deployed on prem.
We are running site remote on an azure VM.
All firewall rules are in place.
We are able to RDP into the site remote server and then initiate a VNC session to the clients.
We are NOT able to navigate to our URL from anywhere else and initiate a VNC session.
We are NOT able to navigate to our URL from anywhere else and even initiate a vnc session to a kiosk on the same network.
Its become very tedious to have to remote into the server first.
we simply just get a Failed to connect to server ! error

Any ideas welcome! Thanks!!

Answer: (1)

Re: Unable to VNC outside network 3/19/2020 9:42 AM

Even if you are sure that you have configured all necessary ports (see FAQs), please verify in that port 5901 (outgoing TCP) is not blocked on the computer you use to connect to the SiteKiosk clients.

FAQ Server Ports:
FAQ SiteKiosk Ports:

To be sure you may also download the most current “VNC Viewer Application” (used on the machine you connect to the SiteKiosk Clients with).
(You can also put that file to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\PROVISIO\SiteRemote\Web\download” on your SiteRemote server so that the SR users always download this new version from the server.)

Otherwise please check if the SiteRemote Server in the Azure VM is connected via NAT.
In case SiteRemote Server is behind a NAT gateway please see here:
Additionally here for the file sync feature (available at “-->SiteKiosk-->File Manager” in your team):

Michael Olbrich