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Support Request: SK Emergency Screen


A Win 7 embedded unit has displayed the emergency SK screen twice now in addition to some memory errors regarding the HD. There also appears to be some instances of the following in the logs:

failed to load: \ncdrom\nskkey

Please advise

Answer: (1)

Re: SK Emergency Screen 3/30/2020 9:03 PM

Thank you for submitting your inquiry. Please note that SiteKiosk 9.1 is out of support and information provided will be based on the latest version 9.7 5324. The emergency configuration screen loads when SiteKiosk is unable to read or load the configuration file (*.skcfg). Ideal location for this file is C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config. If you are using an older machine and having reports on hard drive errors, you could consider replacing the hard drive.

Additionally, the emergency screen loads if SiteKiosk was restarted by the software watchdog (or for any other reason) 10 times in 1200 seconds. Also see “3. Monitoring”: Check for updates or any security software that may require user action.

Otherwise, the emergency screen may have been caused by a slower performance of the machine and the system is very busy during startup. To verify this you need to check the log files (…\SiteKiosk\Logfiles) when having access to the system again. You also can try setting the crash detection values in the SiteKiosk Configuration higher (e.g. from 30 to 90 seconds). To do this open the SiteKiosk configuration tool and go to -->Maintenance-->Monitoring-->Settings.

Best regards,