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Support Request: How to start with out shell replacement


I have set up my own limited desktop. Two applications need to run in the background to monitor motion sensors and a VOIP phone. Thes are in start-up.
How can I start Site kiosk from a command link or shortcut whee it does not do the shell replacement? Yes its less secure but that's my situation.
Are there command-line options?
The configuration application won't let my unselect "Replace system shell"

Answer: (1)

Re: How to start with out shell replacement 4/6/2020 9:38 AM

The option to not use shell replacement in auto start mode is not available under Windows 10 due to technical reasons (e.g. to prevent you from opening the menus at the edges of the screen with a swipe motion).

To start the external application automatically, you could use the procedures described in this FAQ (e.g. Registry entry or Windows Task Scheduler):

Or create an external script like described in the developer blog:

Simple example with notepad:

evtid = SiteKiosk.Scheduler.AddPeriodicEvent(30000, checkExecution);
function checkExecution(eventID){
   if (SiteKiosk.ExternalApps.IsProcessRunning("notepad.exe") == false){
    SiteKiosk.ExternalApps.Run("C:/Windows/notepad.exe", true);
    SiteKiosk.Logfile.Notification('Application started');

If using the Windows desktop still is required you may use the custom start options and only let the SiteKiosk user login automatically.

Afterwards you can start SiteKiosk manually from the desktop.
In case you need to manually create a shortcut to start SiteKiosk you can use the SiteKiosk.exe with the config as parameter like this.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\SiteKiosk.exe" "C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config\YourConfig.skcfg"

But note that this is less secure and you may can use the Windows 10 sidebar menus mentioned above.

Michael Olbrich