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Support Request: Start Page Design


I can not get individual elements positioned where I want them. They are all stuck together. Is there no way to position elements individually? Exactly where I want them? I want it to look like the attachment but I can not position elements where they need to go.

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Re: Start Page Design 4/24/2020 3:38 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. With the Start Screen you cannot freely position buttons or elements. The elements are moveable but restricted by the space that is provided (depends on the screen resolution on Windows and zoom settings for the Start Screen). You can adjust the size of the elements and their containers by editing the property options: size, border width and alignment. Elements in a Group element will be limited in size options. If you find it too restrictive for your project, you could have a look at SiteCaster. SiteCaster also provides a "Start Screen" template and many more but also you can position all elements freely. It does require an annual subscription. You can give it a try 30 days for free at, no strings attached. You can find tutorial videos for both below:

Start Screen:


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