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Support Request: Disabled Antivirus


We use Bitdefender antivirus, I have policies created to block adult content. As soon as I start Site Kiosk it appears the policies don't work anymore. I am not sure if the antivirus is disabled or not. How do I get site kiosk to work with my antivirus?

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Re: Disabled Antivirus 5/1/2020 9:46 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The reason why the adult content filter with Bit Defender will not work with SiteKiosk, is due to the fact that SiteKiosk uses browser engines and not full browsers. Bit Defender may use plugins and other software components to monitor websites visited on those full browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. In SiteKiosk, we have an integrated Content Filter built in but you will need a Plus license to use this feature. If you are uncertain of the type of licenses you purchased previously, you are welcomed to visit My Account>>My Licenses on or send an email to our Sales Team: sales-america(at) with your licensing information.

Additionally you are welcomed to use other external content filter options through your networking configuration.

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