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Support Request: ConfigEditor.exe Application Hang, Windows 10 Pro Multiple Devices.


I am in the process of installing SiteKiosk on brand new out of the box Surface Pro X's. I have 5 devices, 3 of them are working, the other 2 install fine, however when trying to open the Config Editor, it hangs upon loading. These devices have no other software on them except for what comes with Windows 10 Pro, and they have the most recent updates (excluding the 1909 update).

I have reset them multiple times, have tried different combinations of installing/rebooting, uninstalling, etc.. I have tried in safe mode, airplane mode, anything I can think of to get the application to launch. They both show entries in Event Viewer of the ConfigEditor.exe Application Hang. Most of the time the window will open to a blank white screen with "Configuration Editor" title at the top, every now and then it will open with the loading bar but nothing loads and it hangs there.

The only way to close it out is to end task in the task manager.

Thank you,

-Corey Olivieri

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Re: ConfigEditor.exe Application Hang, Windows 10 Pro Multiple Devices. 5/11/2020 3:06 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk 9.7.5324 was tested on Windows 10 1909 (with all available updates) and worked without fail. If 2 of 5 devices aren't loading the Config Editor, what is the difference is between the 3 devices where it works and the 2 devices where it does not work?

Are any domain settings applied these devices? (Active Directory or Workgroup?)
Do you have any other antivirus software than Windows Defender installed?

Reason behind this is that the configuration tool operates as a local web page running on port 8889. It is possible that a pre-installed firewall/antivirus application (or the default Windows firewall with changed settings) is blocking this port on localhost or that the devices have been registered in a domain where a policy applies that blocks this port or localhost access.

Can you check the Windows Event Viewer logs for errors?

Best regards,
Re: ConfigEditor.exe Application Hang, Windows 10 Pro Multiple Devices. 5/11/2020 3:38 PM
These devices are not on a domain, they are stand alone and straight out of the box. The only thing that has been done is updates and the installation of SiteKiosk. I have personally done all 5 of them, exactly the same. The only thing showing in Event Viewer is the Application Hang event.

I'm in the process of uninstalling the software on one of them and installing the 1909 update and then I will re-install SiteKiosk.

This is not a device/OS configuration issue this is a SiteKiosk software issue. These 5 devices are absolutely identical, tape cut from box, windows configured, updates completed, and SiteKiosk installed.

Re: ConfigEditor.exe Application Hang, Windows 10 Pro Multiple Devices. 5/11/2020 5:51 PM
Hi Corey,

Thank you for your feedback. The usage of SiteKiosk can be affected only by environmental factors within each Windows system (before installing and before running SiteKiosk). The issue you mentioned cannot be replicated based on the information provided. There is no known issue with using SiteKiosk Configuration Editor and Surface Pro X devices. To isolate any other potential factors, please send us the following items by email to support-america(at)

Windows Firewall log - This is turned off by default. The web link below will assist with setting up this log. Then you will run the Configuration Editor and close it again.

Screenshot of all installed programs.

Any other logs from antivirus/security software

Also, please consider using a fresh install from Microsoft Windows 10 Download page considering there will not be any domain restrictions: (Normally you will need a product key to install Win 10 Pro.)

Best regards,