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Support Request: Crashing SiteKiosk with Chromium


I have a problem with SiteKiosk crashing.
The new Windows 10 Pro x64 1909 was installed on the Intel NUC8i3BEK computer.
All Windows updates and the current SiteKiosk were installed.
Chromium engine selected.
We run SiteKiosk in Autostart mode, but SiteKiosk hangs after pressing the Logout button.
After pressing Logout at 09:05:56 (see attached log file) the screen looked like on the picture BAD.jpg until 09:13:16 when after deactivating screensaver the start page was loaded correctly, however after pressing Logout at 09:13:26 the screen looked like on picture BAD.jpg again.
It happens at different frequencies, sometimes after each Logout and sometimes you can press Logout repeatedly and the start page loads correctly.
We checked this on several NUC computers and the problem occurs at all. Also appears in Run once mode.
On the same computers this problem does not occur if we use the IE engine. With IE engine everything works fine but due to the requirements of our client we have to use the Chromium engine.
A correctly loaded page is shown in the image GOOD.jpg
Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: (3)

Re: Crashing SiteKiosk with Chromium 5/12/2020 11:50 AM

Unfortunately this behavior is not reproducible on my test system,
I have used your SiteKiosk configuration with SiteKiosk 9.7.5324 on Windows 10 1090 with all updates and tested it in “Run once” as well as in “Auto Start” mode by using the logout button several times (10-15).

Because it doesn’t always happen on your systems and the log file shows that there was a (watchdog) time out in the case it happens ([SKNG RootApp] Pinger for app App01:contentPlayer:PID 956 has not responded, shutting down. - the Watchdog pings a sub process of the Chrome Browser skin) it seems to be a performance issue - even as you use a i3 CPU and the Chrome Browser Skin with the Chromium CEF Engine needs a bit more performance than the Metro IE Skin with IE Webbrowser Control.

You may first check if you can improve the performance of the system by installing the latest hardware drivers (chipset, GPU, …) that Intel offers for these NUC devices on their website.

In this context you may also set the time for the watchdog slightly higher (e.g. from 30 to 60 seconds)-
Also see here:

Michael Olbrich

P.S. If you only show this one web page and it is displayed without problems in the Metro IE Skin Browser, you might want to check if the IE based skin is the better alternative on these devices.
Re: Crashing SiteKiosk with Chromium 5/12/2020 1:43 PM
All the latest drivers available on the Intel website are installed , computers have 8GB of memory and fast SSD disc with a PCIe interface.
Computers have been tested with various high-performance applications and works without problems.
The problem is only with SiteKiosk with the Chromium engine.
Simply after Logout or from time to time after deactivaitng Scrensaver SiteKiosk does not load start page and there are no upper bar with buttons.
Screen keyboard stil working.
Unfortunately, as I wrote earlier i can not use IE engine.
Setting watchdog time to 60 seconds did not help.
Re: Crashing SiteKiosk with Chromium 5/12/2020 4:48 PM

When using the Chrome Browser skin the browser engine will restart completely on logout / screen saver activation and I can only see in the logs that there are time outs during this Chrome Browser restart process when the problem occurs but that did not happen on my test machine.

As we already were in contact via e-mail I will resent the e-mail from last week and add some further hints and questions.

Michael Olbrich