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Support Request: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO)


LO support team !
context : Azure AD join computer ; SiteKiosk Autologin with domain account .
No problem with SiteKiosk & Internet Explorer render engine : user authenticated automatically on our Azure DevOps boards
We want to roll-up between multiple DevOps boards using SiteCaster, but once Chrome render engine used, auto logged user credentials are lost.
I'm searching a way to run KioskBrowser as logged on user or populate credentials when required while surfing our DEvOps Boards.
"Delete user Data" is already disabled but still need a first authentication after every SiteKiosk relaunch
And even if I authenticate manually, token is lost after after a few hours or after every restart of SiteKiosk
thx for your help / advice

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Re: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO) 5/25/2020 12:56 PM

Usually this just applies to the Windows user account your run SiteKiosk in but not to the browser engine (as the Chrome Browser skin or SiteCaster WebView usually also supports Windows authentication like IE).

Which SiteKiosk Version do you use?
Does it work when you choose the “Chrome Browser” skin (just for testing)?
Did you check in “Start once” mode in the Windows user account where you can use Chrome or Internet Explorer to access the web page without entering the user credentials?

If that works you can use the “Customized” start settings of SiteKiosk to automatically login and start SiteKiosk within a domain user account that has access to the page via Windows authentication.

Michael Olbrich
Re: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO) 5/25/2020 2:43 PM
thx for your quick answer !
SiteKiosk Version 9.7 build 5232

test solo Start page using IE Engine (MEtro IE Skin) working fine : landing on DevOps board already authenticated !
test solo Start page using Chrome engine (Chrome Browser) : redirected to our azure AD portal for authentication

SiteCaster fetures need chrome engine ... (& Azure Dev Ops boards cannot be define as "Public")

maybe there is a SiteKiosk feature to roll-up between muliples webpages without SiteCaster ?

Re: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO) 5/25/2020 4:06 PM

Displaying 2 web pages at the same time is only (easily) possible with using SiteCaster (WebView Element).

There is no known issue with Windows authentication but please let me check this with the most current SiteKiosk version 9.7.5324. I will come back to you as soon as I have the results and more information.

Meanwhile you may check if it works in SiteCaster when not enabling the “Incognito” option for the WebView Element.

The only alternative would be using script to create IE based windows with using the “CreateHTMLDialog” method of the classic SiteKiosk Object Model
It has properties to set the size, the position and the style etc.
So you can create 2 (or more) dialogs without border and in the size & position you want that contain web page(s) you want to display.
You can use the SiteKiosk Object Model in a web page displayed in Metro IE Skin (e.g. a local html file with script code that is stored to “…\SiteKiosk\Html\”) or as external script (6. Execute script file:

But please understand that our free support cannot offer any assistance with creating your own code or customizing the skin files (apart from the detailed SiteKiosk and SiteKiosk Object Model documentation).

- General Information about customizing SiteKiosk:
- SiteKiosk help:
- SiteKiosk Object model help for IE based skins:

Further hints and suggestions can be found in our developer blog at

If you need further assistance in creating individual coding solutions you can contact us via e-mail that we may find a solution against payment for your needs.
In case you are interested in a solution against payment please write a detailed description to support-europe(at) that we can check the technical feasibility and the amount of work to make a quotation.
The adjustment fees are depending on the complexity of the changes and in general it costs 120 Euro per hour.

Michael Olbrich
Re: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO) 5/26/2020 9:44 AM

I have tested this with a web page running in IIS and using Windows authentication for only allowing access for specific users.
That worked properly in Chrome Browser Skin as well as in SiteCaster WebView.

When I started SiteKiosk in a Windows user account that has access to the page (via windows authentication settings), the page was displayed without entering any user name or password (also after logout or screen saver activation as no login data are saved with Windows authentication).

Also we haven’t changed anything in regards to Windows authentication since SiteKiosk 9.7.5232 you may update to the most current SiteKiosk version 9.7.5324 and test again (Chrome Browser Skin in “Start once” mode first).
Version History:

If it still doesn’t work you may recheck which authentication method is used on your web page(s) and verify if it works in Chrome on that system (without using any additional plugins) or even with the Chromium CEF Browser that is used by SiteKiosk / SiteCaster.

SiteKiosk 9.7.5324 uses Chromium 76.0.3809.132 Windows 32 Bit. Here you can find the corresponding Chromium test application for download (unzip 2x and run the cefclient.exe in the "Release" folder) which is currently used in SiteKiosk 9.7.5232 (Chromium 76.0.3809.132 Windows 32 Bit):

Michael Olbrich
Re: SiteCaster Vs Web user authentication (SSO) 5/26/2020 5:01 PM
FYI. : Found a workaround using Welcome page ( IE engine Metro skin ) then screensaver displaying loop of DevOps boards webpages.
Still remotely managable editing .SKCFG
Missing feature "disabling kbrd/mouse" available in SiteCaster but we will lock USB's through BIOS security options

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