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Support Request: Error occurring during video


I have a configuration Sitekiosk that was working which included launching a video from the start page. I added a second video to the start page. It launches, but randomly during this video, an error will appear, see the attached. Your quick response would be more appreciated.

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Re: Error occurring during video 6/29/2020 3:19 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. This is the default screen saver web page. For some reason the web page cannot be displayed. You can do two things based on your intentions:

1. You can change your screen saver settings to "Open SiteKiosk Start Page" instead of "SiteKiosk Player". Also you can increase or decrease the idle timeout if there will be mouse/keyboard activity on your kiosk.

2. You can deactivate the screen saver completely by editing the SiteKiosk configuration file using an external text editor program like Notepad, where you will set <screensaver enabled="false" – see SiteKiosk Help:

Or easier, you can set the “Idle time before activating the screensaver” to the maximum value of 2147483647 seconds (~68 years) in SiteKiosk configuration>>Screensaver.

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