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Support Request: How to connect network path


Hello. How can I connect to network drive? I mapped network drive, but I can't connect to them via sitekios. I try to write file:///X:\, X:\ - but appeared error - blocking URL. I use smart screen screen

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Re: How to connect network path 7/20/2020 9:01 AM

As mapping a network drive is a user dependent Windows setting first make sure you mapped the drive in the user account you run SiteKiosk in.
In auto start mode it is the SiteKiosk user. Please find here the information how to access the Windows settings in the SiteKiosk user account:

Then, for displaying the network drive in the File Manager of SiteKiosk, just add it to the SiteKiosk configuration (Files & Downloads).

For displaying the drive letter in any “Open” or “Save as…” dialog of external applications in the SiteKiosk user account you need to make the drive letter visible with the help of the System Security Manager.
- Open the System Security Manager in the Admin account (All Programs > SiteKiosk > System Security Manager) and select Customized.
- Select “File System” in the tree view on the left.
- Under “Hide Drives in Explorer”, uncheck the drives that you wish to make visible to your users.

Michael Olbrich
Re: How to connect network path 7/20/2020 9:25 AM
Ok. But I can't change settings in security manager, because at the present time Iam tested a trial version site kiosk 9.8.5428 and in trial version I can't change the settings. If I change settings - after that - it will be default settings. How can I do it? Only buy and after that I can change the settings?
Re: How to connect network path 7/20/2020 9:30 AM

The custom settings of the System Security Manager are only available if SiteKiosk is licensed.
Also see “Limitations of the unregistered version”:

Alternatively you can test with “Unprotected” or contact our sales via e-mail for a test license.
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Michael Olbrich