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Support Request: Move onto new PC


Is there a way we can move the kiosk software onto a new PC as the original one is a laptop and we want to use another PC?

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Re: Move onto new PC 7/21/2020 9:11 AM

The SiteKiosk license counts per installation so that you can change computers at will.
Just uninstall SiteKiosk on the old computer and install it again on the new one.

Download link of the current SiteKiosk Windows version:
Download links from older SiteKiosk Windows versions:

If you want to transfer the SiteKiosk configuration, simply copy the corresponding *.skcfg file under "...\SiteKiosk\Config" to the same folder on the new computer (after installing SiteKiosk).

If you are using the "Start Screen" (-->Start Page & Browser), make sure that you also copy the folder "content" under "C:\Users\Public\SiteKiosk" (this folder contains the content of the “Start Screen”)

After the installation is complete, launch the configuration tool to load the copied SiteKiosk configuration file.
It is also advisable to first test in "Start once" mode before reactivating "Auto Start" mode.

The license you purchase is issued along with a license key which can be used with the version of SiteKiosk that is current at the time of purchase and all versions that are released within a period of 12 months after the date of purchase.
The release dates can be checked on the version history page:

General Note:
With older SK versions (before 9.7.5320) you also need to use a patch:

Otherwise you can also purchase a SiteKiosk update license and install the most current SiteKiosk version:

Michael Olbrich