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Support Request: file access from sitekiosk restricted user


I am experiencing an issue that I am unable to work around. Perhaps you can assist me.

I have configured SiteKiosk as a multiapp station, meaning that I have specified a couple of applications that I want to run on the computer. This is working fine.
However, I want these apps to access some folders in the admin account. I seem unable to get this correct.

I will give you an example.
One of the apps I want to use in SiteKiosk is Powerpoint. Many of the files I want to access is located in folders owned by another user (this user has admin rights). I have shared the desired folders with the restricted SiteKiosk user. I can access the files through Sitekiosk File Manager and launch the powerpoint presentation from there, no problem. But if I open Powerpoint and try to access the desired folders from within the app, the folders are no longer accessible.
This problem is the same for other applications as well.

Have you any suggestions on how I can solve this issue?

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Re: file access from sitekiosk restricted user 7/29/2020 11:00 AM

you should make sure that the File System settings in the Customized view of the SiteKiosk System Security Manager matches your approach (

Please note that I would strongly suggest to place the files in a neutral folder (e.g. C:\user\public\documents) as the more appropriate solution to your problem.
Re: file access from sitekiosk restricted user 7/29/2020 11:06 AM
Thank you.
The neutral folder suggestion is probably the best option. aaaand it is according to sitekiosk help recommendations :-)