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Support Request: Can't logout of Kiosk


I recently became the office's new IT person and the previous IT did not leave any information regarding SiteKiosk, including passwords. I am unsure how to logout or change things from the back end of the computer we have set up.

Everytime the computer is turned on, SiteKiosk will automatically start up and lock itself. Ctrl+Alt+Delete, F8, Escape, or any other combination of keystrokes do not bring up any password screen.

What should I do?

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Re: Can't logout of Kiosk 8/6/2020 10:39 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. You should be able to touch each four corners of the screen whether clockwise or counterclockwise within 3 secs. If you forgot your configuration file password, then you can use the master/general password which is the first 11 characters of the license key. You can read more here (see section 1.6):

If you do not have this key, please email us at sales-us(at) referencing this post for further assistance.

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