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Support Request: Time limit per project


Hello, Can you tell me what time limit there is per project?

e.g. after XX time, the project will play content from the beginning of the sequence.


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Re: Time limit per project 11/16/2020 3:53 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Can you be more specific on which product you are referring? If its SiteCaster, each project has a default idle time set at 300 secs (5 mins). You can find this in your project by clicking "Settings" (top right corner)>>"Content Settings". You will need to find a balance between your user interaction idle moments and the length of the video you will need to play. While SiteCaster is selected in SiteKiosk, the local SiteKiosk screensaver settings for the computer will be deactivated. You can find the SiteCaster tutorial video links with different options for your project -

Best regards,
Re: Time limit per project 11/16/2020 10:43 PM
Hi Andre,

Yes this is for SiteCaster.

Aside from adding each asset's display time (with video it's hard to to natively as it only shows 'auto'), is there another way to know when your project is reaching the 5 minute threshold?

It would be great to have a project time length so you don't go over this and miss out on content being displayed.

Re: Time limit per project 11/16/2020 11:20 PM

Thank you for your response. You can freely set your idle time for your project that you intend each user to spend with the kiosk. If there will not be a user interaction and you will be using the kiosk as a display for advertisements, then you wont have to worry about this. Also based on what what you described, you will need to trim your videos to match the sequence time with the other elements in your sequence container. Unless you are using an embedded YouTube video (webpage element), you will not be able to adjust the total playtime of your video elements. Hence, why you are seeing "auto" in the sequence timer. Simply edit your videos before you upload it.

SiteCaster is a creativity tool. There are a lot of features but you have the opportunity to employ certain psychological work arounds if a feature doesn't match your direct specification. Hopefully this explanation helps.

Best regards,