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Support Request: Unable to download files


We are trying to download .pdf's from a MN state website called MCRO. The file downloads from the link below, however it downloads from a pop-up which I think may be the problem. It throws the error "URL is blocked"

Downloads are allowed and we are able to download .pdf's from other locations. I've also whitelisted the URL and allowed pop-ups. It's still not working. Am I missing something?

Answer: (1)

Re: Unable to download files 4/21/2021 8:26 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that SiteKiosk 9.7 is out of support. We may not be able to replicate the issue because that website is blocked for security reasons perhaps. It would be helpful to test with Chrome Browser selected instead of IE. If possible, test against the newest SiteKiosk version (license not needed for this type of testing). Then, test with a newer configuration file.

If none of those prove fruitful, you can send your Surfing Area support files (sample-allowed.txt and denied....txt) as well as your SiteKiosk log files found in C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles (yyyy-mm-dd.txt files) to support-america(at) referencing this post.

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